Publication Planning Workshop

Today we had a small workshop all about planning for a publication. the three main questions that we have to ask ourselves before creating one is: Who is it for?  What’s its purpose?  What’s the budget? once we’ve figured out those questions, we can then set a plan of how the publication will look, the […]

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Colour to the Power of 5

These are my prints that I have done for ‘Task C’. For this task I had to experiment with layers and choose one print method, paper and inks. The printing method that I used is once again Riso Printing; I am very confident using the riso printer now and I know the results will turn […]

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British Museum Trip- Part 2

Today we headed back to the British Museum to do another task. This time our task was to draw from observation but fill the drawing so it had floor space and we also had to draw the people observing the pieces we were drawing. The reason why we had to draw people is because later […]

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Presentation: Part 2

Today we had another week of presentations. This time they wanted to see how we progressed so far from last week and what changes we have made; the changes I made for my group was creating all the social medias and the logo. The feedback from my group went well, they thought our research was […]

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Paper Making- Studio Ellipsis

Today we had a practical task of making our very own paper; we worked in quite a large group to complete this task because we were faced with many difficulties throughout this process. The process was very long and took up the whole day but we pushed through it and eventually got it done, unfortunately […]

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Drawing Workshop 

Today I visited the British Museum, our task today was to look around the museum, take pictures and draw from observation of various objects. In the afternoon session we then were asked to use our tracing paper and draw the people and exhibition space and continue drawing these things until we had a stop motion […]

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Presentation Day!

Today we had to pitch for 10 minutes about what we have done so far for our product. Our groups pitch went very well and the only criticism was the logo we created which they thought didn’t fit well with the typography but as a symbol.  I also liked the other groups presentation because I […]

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Feedback & Research

After my studio Feedback from my classmates, we discussed that I should continue using the riso printer and possibly take into consideration, making more stencils or working with tracing paper. They liked the idea of my publication but they liked the negative space in the stencil I used and possibly making it a cover; I […]

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