Serena Wise

Today there was a hothouse talk from a young woman called Serena. Serena Wise is an award winning Art Director with a decade long career working with creative agencies and publishers such as Mother London, Spring Creative, VICE, i-D Magazine, DJA and ARPA Studios. Focusing on finding inspiration in stories with sentiment, movement and unexpected executions,she […]

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Final Show Preparation!

Today I had a workshop to help create flyers and foldable promotion for our Material Process Print exhibition that will be happening next Friday. We created all the content using the letterpress room but first we had to create samples to figure out how all the sentences fitted onto A5 card. Once we were happy […]

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Final Presentation Day!

Today we had our final presentation pitch for Accelerator. My group were prepared with all the samples and the promotional video that we had made days before. Our pitch went very well and we got great feedback on our product and also criticism on how we would develop our product if we won. They key […]

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Publication Planning Workshop

Today we had a small workshop all about planning for a publication. the three main questions that we have to ask ourselves before creating one is: Who is it for?  What’s its purpose?  What’s the budget? once we’ve figured out those questions, we can then set a plan of how the publication will look, the […]

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Colour to the Power of 5

These are my prints that I have done for ‘Task C’. For this task I had to experiment with layers and choose one print method, paper and inks. The printing method that I used is once again Riso Printing; I am very confident using the riso printer now and I know the results will turn […]

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