Microsoft Surface: Evolution

Today my group came up with an idea for the new Microsoft Surface project. Our idea is to create a stop motion animation based on evolution. The basis of evolution is that humans are decedents of apes; keeping that in mind our animation will start with that same premise. As the mokey starts to evolve […]

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Microsoft Surface Project

Today we got a new brief for CIP called Microsoft Surface. The aim of the project is to create a short 1-2 min film based on the Microsoft Surface and the many things you can do on it. I will be working in a group with two other people but we are still trying to […]

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CIP: Collection Development

These are some more screenshots of the development process for my Collection book. I am making a lot of progress and I like how it is turning out so far; I will be adding a lot more projects but it will take some time until the finished piece is completed.  

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