Today I visited a wonderful place called Magculture; we were invited to listen about the store itself and the contents of all the independent magazine companies. I found the trip very useful because for our final project we have to create our own independent pilot magazine. Advertisements


Exhibition Day

Today we had our final end of project exhibition; This was the day where every studio showcased their work that they’ve been doing for the past couple months on their studio projects. Its always great to see everybody’s work because you can see the high standards that my peers are doing and possibly take some […]

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These are three final designs that I created for my anthology. I really like all three designs because they communicate a deeper message of conflict, death and immortality, which my anthology was based around. Unfortunately, I can only choose one design to go into the final book so I decided to choose the hand reaching […]


Letter Press Experiments

Today I made a lot of experiments in relation to our final anthology. I started my process in laser cut by cutting some designs from my 10 sketches;I ended up doing another two laser cuts which was a more detailed fist and a illustrative drop cap because they were relevant sources from my research and […]

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UX App design

Today we had a second workshop about UX Design. This time it was based on apps and the layout experience that we all have when using an app. We used Photoshop to create various layouts of a made up app and it was a very helpful lesson because it taught me that the basic designs […]

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PENTAGRAM: Eddie Opera

“Eddie Opara was born in Wandsworth, London in 1972. He studied graphic design at the London College of Printingand Yale University, where he received his MFA in 1997. He began his career as a designer at ATG and Imaginary Forces and worked as a senior designer/art director at 2×4before establishing his own studio, The Map Office, in 2005. He joined […]

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Anthology Cover Design

I have been doing lots of research on fantasy books and looking at the art inside of them. The use of illustrative drop caps are done perfectly and the background art that surrounds them are interesting too. When I began designing my cover I wanted it to be handmade just like the books I was […]

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Laser Cut Experiments

Today I tested out a whole new process that I’ve never done before. Laser cutting is great process to engrave different materials, It gives your design a whole new style and presentation to work with; I used some of my best designs from my 10 sketches to experiment with and I love the outcome of […]

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CIP: GF Smith

Today a representative came from GF Smith to talk to us about various types of paper. I was fascinated by the vast quantity of paper and the overall quality; There were lots of paper to look through but it gave me a better understanding of how some papers react when ink is applied to them […]

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Mucho is a graphic design company that has hundreds of graphic designers that design different packages and advertisements for various brands. I love their quality of work because its very professional and everything they make is eye catching!

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