Celebration Week Presentations

Today we gathered together for Celebration Week. Celebration Week is a great opportunity to see peoples work from industry and get feedback for our own studio work. People from industry gave a talk about our work and then each studio gave a presentation of what we’ve been doing in studio so far, this was helpful […]

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Riso Print Experimentation

Today I created some riso print experiments using one of my sketches. This exercise helped me develop some ideas and see what worked with my experimentations. I used a lot of layering on the printer because I don’t often use a lot of layers and I also used some patterns in the background to give […]

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10 Sketches- Anthology II

These are some sketches that I have done in relation to my anthology text. We had to pick out words from the text and illustrates something from that word; this task is helpful to generate ideas quickly and it will help when it comes to the final illustrations that will be inside the anthology. My […]

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Anthology II

This is the title of our new brief (Anthology II). We will work alongside English literature and Creative Writing department to design an anthology which we will respond to. We were given a piece of text and now my job is to create a illustrative response from the text. The piece of writing that I […]

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Book Binding Workshop

Today we had a workshop on on book binding. We made small prototypes from a guide we were given and some varied in difficulty from folding techniques and binding. This lesson was helpful for the future development of this project because it was insightful in coming up with ideas of what my final project will […]

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Massimo Vignelli

Massio Vignelli is an Italian designer. His work covers nearly every field of design including advertising, identity, packaging, product, industrial, interior and architectural design. An avid fan of modernism, his work is always very clear and concise with no clutter or unnecessary material. I agree with the point he makes in his video and I […]

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CIP: Kate Moross

I really enjoyed the video showcasing who Kate Moross is and how she goes about applying her own style into her work; I learnt that she finds inspiration from others by researching on the internet or having artist that she already finds inspiring. (248 CHARACTERS)

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CIP: Page Layout workshop

Today we were introduced to our new brief in CIP. We had a task to go to the library and select a random book and come back to class so we could discuss why we chose it and how the overall layout was inside. The book I chose was called Postcards; it attracted me straight […]

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