Abrams Games presentation 14/10/16

This was a presentation about Abram Games which was led by his daughter Naomi Games. She discussed his life growing up as a graphic designer although the term ‘graphic design’ was never an official thing in the 1940s. He was born in Whitechapel and went to a state school where he found his passion for graphic design. Growing up, Abram was faced with many challenges such as people not appreciating his work , he decide from then on he wasn’t going to work for anyone and was ‘going to be his own boss.’whilst studying at Saint Martin’s School of Art his passion for design grew and he entered competitions, he won first place on one of his posters and placed 2nd on another. This was the starting point of his career and soon became very popular. Years went on and the second World War had started, the government was looking for a designer to design posters for the war and Abrams was the perfect candidate. Abram made many posters during the war, some of his work got him a lot of attention for reasons that were sometimes good or bad. Abrams had gained a lot of popularity during the war and in memory of his death he was named ‘best graphic designer in Britain’ and had his face put on a stamp and was also the first graphic designer to had ever had a personal stamp. rl-abram-games-stamp-400

1st Place Winning Poster
2nd Place Poster



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