Review week: looking and talking about work

What is the thing/skill/ fact that you learnt from each core workshop?

  1. Create a fanzine
  2. Design a calligram
  3. Make a portrait out of found objects

What was the most difficult task you had to do?

  • Come up with an idea I wanted to design for my fanzine and also the message I wanted to get across to my audience.

What was the most useful thing you learnt?

  • The most useful thing I learnt was in Mark Making. I used my brain to create tools and use them to create different textures, I think this was the most useful thing I’ve learnt so far because its taught me to be inventive so I can achieve what I originally planned out to do.

What do you want more of?

  • I would like to do more lessons on Illustrator because even though I am very familiar with using Illustrator, I wanted to push myself and see what creative things I can do.

What was the most interesting practitioner that you researched and why?

  • The most interesting practitioner I researched was Noma Bar. His work is incredible and has inspired me to be more creative.

What are you most proud of?

  • I am most proud of my fanzine. I enjoyed every minute coming up with different ideas and finalising it into a magazine where everyone else’s fanzine is incorporated too.

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