My typography lesson 14/11/16 {1}

Today was my very first lesson on typography; I was very excited about this lesson because I have always been interested in typography. In the morning we were asked to write our names on a piece of paper, we were then separated into Group A and Group B. I was in group A and we were using the letter press; we got given a small slip that had a small paragraph written on and our task was to copy that paragraph using the metal type letters. I liked using the metal types but it was a very long and tiring process. After we assembled  the paragraph, we then inked the letters and moved it onto the letterpress; I thought this would be a simple process but to my surprise it wasn’t! this was because you had to place all the metal types backwards which made it very confusing so when it came to using the letter press, the only way to see the end result was printing it on the letter press so I had a repetitive task of replacing letters because they were either upside down or slept wrong. 

In the second half of the task we were asked to do research on typographic info graphics, and present it on a A3  piece of paper which had to have a visual drawing for each example. I enjoyed this task because it made research fun and it didn’t feel like I was doing a boring piece of work. img_26281img_26291img_26311img_26471img_26461img_26411img_26261

Tutors example
My unfinished example
List of tasks

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