Typography lesson part 2 – 17/11/16 {2}

In the second lesson on typography we were asked to take out our letter presses we had done in the previous lesson. We were then given a piece of paper that had a grid on it and cut up our letter presses into strips, our task was to create as many different outcomes to spell out our sentences, but in a unique way. I tried different layouts by arranging my strips as many different ways on the grid and when I was happy with my outcomes we were then told to create a poster using the same sentences in Indesign. We had a similar process of laying out our sentences in Indesign but experimenting with colour, font, boldness and layout. At first, my posters were complicated but I was then given advice to start over but going in a more simplistic route. I really like the final outcome of my poster because it’s easy to read and the layout is far more simple.


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