Making a living- day 2-22/11/16

Today was the second day of Making a Living, The first speaker we met was called Chris Walker. He is a freelance Illustrator who one day came up with an idea along with his friend called Matt to create a book based on murder. They were a perfect partnership because Matt worked as a writer and along with Chris’s expertise in Illustration they had a great idea planned; the only problem was they didn’t know how they were going to start. They eventually found a company called Kickstarter which is a crowdfunding platform that helps promote work from the creative industry. They started off quite slow but eventually their idea became a success and started to get funding, they overstepped their end goal and even got a “Kickstarter staff pick” reward which promotes their work on the front page of Kickstarter; They later published the book and it can be bought on Amazon and various other websites. I really enjoyed the presentation that Chris did because it was such an interesting talk of how his idea became a reality and with hard work you can achieve great things.

The second half of the day gave advice on on how to become a Freelancer and how to start your own business. I enjoyed this part of the day too because I got great advice on how to become a freelancer if I chose that path in the future. fullsizerender-6fullsizerender-4fullsizerender-3fullsizerender-2fullsizerender-5fullsizerender-2-1


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