Riso Printing & Book Binding 20/02/17

Riso Printing: Today we had to lesson split into two parts. My first lesson was about riso printing. Riso printing/risograph is an environmentally friendly and cost effective printer, which uses soy based inks. Risograph is similar to screenprinting; the original image file is sent to the machine and is burnt onto a master, the master is then wrapped around a print drum, this drum rotates at high speed which pushes through the screen onto the paper.

Book Binding: The second half of the lesson was book binding. We had to create a small A6 sized booklet using paper. The first step was to get 10 sheets of paper and fold each in half, we then cut them down the middle to make each smaller and continue folding them. We then gathered our folded papers and combined them into groups of three using others in the class, furthermore we collected all the papers and put them in a vice and glued the edges so they stuck together, we did this in rotations every 10 mins to ensure they stuck. After that process was complete we went to the gelatine and polished the uneven edges.

“I enjoyed todays lesson because it was a helpful insight into out new project and it made us think of different ways we would like to present our narratives”. 



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