CIP- Product choice

In todays Creative Industry Practice lesson we were asked to have a set product for our brand name Youthoria. At first we were very lost in what our product would be but we were certain our target audience were young people aged 17-18. 

After a long discussion on what our product would be, a woman from the company Accelerator came along and did a presentation about the company and aksed general questions that anyone had. 

After listening to what she had to say, I had a great idea for a product! My idea was to create inspirational posters with uplifting messages. My group really liked my idea and we soon were set on making a small package with a poster, bookmark, stickers, diary and postcards. 

We still have a lot more research and renfinement but were happy we made progress.


Design Principles & Fundamentals

Today we had a core workshop based on the idea of Design Principles & Fundamentals. We discussed what sums up those words and came up with a short list:

  1. Balance
  2. Emphasis
  3. Purpose
  4. Movement
  5. Contrast
  6. Unity
  7. Complimentary

We then did a group exercise where we took those meaning and were asked to create a website with specific menu specifications and an easy to navigate website. I think my group did a great job at working together and meeting the brief’s criteria.


Typography Core Workshop

Today we had a core workshop with Kim and some Give & Take studio members. The task for todays lesson was focused on Adobe InDesign,  the briefs content explained that we should research various typefaces and create an A3 poster based of that typeface.

The first website that I looked at for inspiration was Emigre Fonts; Emigre Fonts is a website filled with various posters made from other designers. I found this website very useful and was the main body of research that I used.

I also had a look at Typekit and Google Fonts 

My chosen Typeface is called ‘Signpainter’, I really liked the way this type looked visually because it reminded me of a modern version of supermarket branding, and I thought this was suitable because the aim is to draw consumers in, and what better than to choose a font that is made for people to look at.

I think the final outcome of this piece has turned out very well because my choice of colours are bright but also neutral, it brings in consumers but doesn’t blind them with overpowering colour as they read the text. I also like the use of an ellipsis because its eye-catching but also providing text inside the shape, contrasts with the background making it a visually pleasing piece.




My 5 Sample Booklet

For this homework’s task we were asked to explore different variations of paper. After visiting G.F Smith I was very inspired by their range of papers and wanted to explore coloured paper further.

We were asked to create a small sample book with our own design but we had to narrow down the number of papers to five; The design had to be the same for each piece of paper and so did the print process.

The choice of paper that I decided to go with is from my visit to G.F Smith, The colour of the paper is called Marrs Green and it was nominated first place as the ‘World’s Favourite Colour’. I too really enjoy this colour because its different and I was curious to see how printing reacted/ looked on this paper.

The design I used for this final piece is from my first year at university, where I took photos from the Bishops Gates Institute in which the project was based on the area of Aldgate. I had previously used this design for a publication I created in the riso print room and it was very successful because it had variations of tone which shows up well whilst using this printing process (riso printing).

The printing process I decided to go with is riso printing. I’ve had experience before using the riso printer and it’s a very good process to use when you have dark contrasted images, Although I have experience using this print process, I have never used coloured paper in this printer before so I was worried how the final outcome would look and also how the ink will react to the paper.

I think the final outcome has come out spectacular! The ink sits very well on the page but has tiny smudges around the paper.The image itself looks great with the Marrs Green and almost gives it a 3D aspect to it, I particularly like the embossed print because it looks very nice with the added texture and it reminds me of a puzzle where you can see all the small details.

I will definitely be experimenting with colour and texture as an ongoing experiment until my final piece.


My Trip To G.F SMITH

Today I had a trip to an amazing place called G.F Smith. G.F Smith is a company that creates great quality publications with a extended amount of various paper types. I couldn’t believe that their was so much information about each type of paper and its different qualities, I learnt a lot about the history of G.F Smiths and I’m excited to experiment with different types of paper in my own work. 

My Trip to the National Theatre

This is an exhibition that I went to where they had traditional and modern poster designs all about design. I really liked some of the pieces that they had in this exhibition because I learned that design can carry onto many different products. I also noticed a pattern in each of these posters; They have a very vibrant colour palette which catches the audiences eye and I will definitely be experimenting with colours and paper to see how it turns out visually.

My Trip to Benwells

Today we had a trip to a print company called Benwells. I found this trip very informative and fun because I learnt a lot about the process that goes into making a publication.

Some of the processes he explained were: embossing, foil blocking, letterpress, laser cutting, litho printing and die cutting. 

I also got to take home a lot of the work they have made for companies such as Burberry, Ivy Park, Harrods etc. These are great physical pieces of research because I can learn about the design and also how it feels in hand.

I will definitely be using some of these processes and designs in my own publication in the near future!


Elipsis – My Chosen Publication

The title of my publication is from a studio called ‘Max Mara’, they’re a high-end fashion company which was established in 1951 from Italy. The date of this publication was produced in Fall Winter 2015-2016. (The publisher and designer is not shown)

I chose this particular publication based on its overall layout and print process. At first, I wasn’t blown away from its overall design because nothing jumped out at me from the cover alone and overall binding process; Although, as I proceeded to look inside the publication I was very surprised! The paper that they used had a very nice bulk and the colour/shade was used very well to achieve a textured feel to each page.

I discover my publication whilst shopping at Selfridges, they were giving these publications away to the public for free.

(There is no information about designer, illustrator, publisher, printer)

This publication was made in the Fall 2015 and ended in Winter 2016

The publication is A4 sized and has been separated according to Fall and Winter wear. The front pages represent the Fall collection and has been bounded using staples; the material used is a high-quality paper with a thick bulk to prevent ink smudges. The winter collection has also been stapled together but the quality of paper is very different, it has a super gloss applied to the paper giving it a shiny texture.

I think this publication is very successful because it is very rare to see a high-quality fashion look book like this one and what the most surprising aspect of this publication is, it’s free for the public and it confuses me why they wouldn’t charge money for such a high-quality publication.

I’m particularly interested in layout design and how I can manipulate paper so it becomes more exciting to the reader which also adds to the narrative.IMG_3564IMG_3560IMG_3556

CIP- Research Task

In the second half of the lesson we were asked to explore the local area around Aldgate    (Leadenhall Street Fenchurch Street). The reason being, was to take pictures of signs, shops, business cards, menus, promotional literature.

Today was a successful trip around Aldgate and we found many examples from the list above, we then returned to class and discussed about some of our publications such as target audience, branding connotations etc.



CIP- Group name & Ideas

In this mornings class we were asked to come up with a group name and a possible product that we want to create. unfortunately we didn’t come up with a product but we have a name.

some examples of names were:

  • Visual Fusion
  • Pitch Pixel
  • Tasty Visuals
  • Infinity Design

The name everyone is most happy with is Youthhoria; it is a play on the word euphoria but we wanted to incorporate the word “youth” since young people are our target audience.